Lenny – Big Water Pattern Blind Field

Lenny, owned by Aaron Peebles. This video is the middle portion of my bigger water pattern blind field. Shows a pup struggling to take those casts and fight the factors of suction from marks thrown earlier.

Teet’s Life – Running a Blind During Hunt

Teet, owned by Freddy King. This video shows Teet running a really nice blind after a retrieve and thru tons of decoys out of Big Blind. Tons of training have gone into this one mark. Training that took place in controlled circumstances and training continued while...

Get with Your Trainer – Blinds

This video I’m talking directly to my clients as to how I’ve trained their pup to push/pull and how to cast their pups when running blinds. Every trainer trains to run blinds just a lil’ bit different. I suggest strongly visiting with your trainer...

Concept Singles Finish Master Key Hole Blind

Scout, owned by Pearson Windham, graduating from season/senior level setups to finish/master level setups and starting keyhole blind concepts. This is just a basic setup for pups graduating to finish/master level.

Dual Walking Wagon Wheel Drill

I absolutely love the dual walking wagon wheel drill. It provides our pups a new line versus the old to two separate piles. A great way to build confidence on blinds, straighter lines, teaches pups to fight factors, gain trust in us a team and more.