Tito’s Tales


Tito’s Tales is for those pups 14 weeks of age and older that are transitioning from yard marks to field marks all the way thru force to pile up work. This series is to simplify for new trainers/owners and even those with multiple trained dogs under the belt – the exact advancement of training of a pup while keeping even the softest of pup’s attitude spiked to the hilt to work. Super simple 3 to 8 minute sessions are all it takes a time or two a day if sessions or constructed positively and with a purpose as seen in Tito’s Tales.

Tito, owned by Eason Dearin, is a pup that came in for training at about 4 and a half months of age and spotlighted in this series. At this age in life, our pups retrieving desire should be growing by tons, socialization going extremely well and our pup loving the water. At the age of 4 and a half months or so most pups are starting to teeth so be real careful about retrieving with harder objects and watch any issues that might pop up from Teething. Tito’s Tales is a day by day account of progression from that 4 and a half month mark all the way thru right at force to pile work. So, Tito’s Tales covers a ton of material from increasing retrieving desire in the field, steadying, bark collar introduction, prong collar, long lead, stand/place training, bird boy thrown marks, introduction of gun, stretching out in the field on marks, obedience, lead work, in depth e-collar conditioning, traffic cop stop, fetch conditioning, prong collar fetch conditioning, force fetch and right up to the start of force to pile or ladder work. Tito’s Tales teaches us how to daily work our pups to keep our pup’s attitude spiked, learning and ever increasing retrieving desire. We see a ton of things that go wrong and ton of issues that happen in daily training. Nothing is covered up and everything is 100% as it happens.

Tito’s Tales is by far the simplest, most in depth session by session of training ever filmed and documented by anyone. Every session is of a pup doing the work for the first time and advancement is what I would consider average. So, the series is applicable to any breed of retriever in my opinion.