Teet’s Life – Cheating Singles

Teet, owned by Freddy King. We have weekly setups of Cheating Singles. Some setups are very challenging while others the lines are very clear. Cheating singles can be overwhelming to some pups so it’s very important to make sure that we not over challenge...

Teet’s Life – Deep Cover Marks As Concept Singles

Teet, owned by Freddy King. Teet has now passed her first grand at 3 years of age and we’re continuing her training as always. More concept singles in deep cover with strong blinds. All easily challenging her yet, not overly challenging her.

Concept Singles Finish Master Key Hole Blind

Scout, owned by Pearson Windham, graduating from season/senior level setups to finish/master level setups and starting keyhole blind concepts. This is just a basic setup for pups graduating to finish/master level.