Finishing 1st Phase of Water T Swimby & DeCheat

This video shows how a young pup should look when finishing up phase 1 of the TRT fours to water/water t/de-cheat. Our pup can and will triangulate all piles in reverse and as swimby. Our pup is ready for phase 2 and the start of de-cheat.

Get with Your Trainer – Blinds

This video I’m talking directly to my clients as to how I’ve trained their pup to push/pull and how to cast their pups when running blinds. Every trainer trains to run blinds just a lil’ bit different. I suggest strongly visiting with your trainer...

Dual Walking Wagon Wheel Drill

I absolutely love the dual walking wagon wheel drill. It provides our pups a new line versus the old to two separate piles. A great way to build confidence on blinds, straighter lines, teaches pups to fight factors, gain trust in us a team and more.

Proper E-Collar Placement

It is extremely important to make sure our e-collars are properly placed on our pups. This video gives a quick tip on how to put your e-collar on your pup to get the best connection possible.

Bucket Wagon Wheel Gun Drill

1/2 of our wagon wheel from the bucket is setup and easily seen. The trick here is to get the pups to look down the barrel and simply go where the barrel is pointing. Over time these pups will learn to watch for marks right down the gun barrel. A great tuneup for HRC...